Monday, February 11, 2008

Umer Hayat

,Umer hayat, He was born on 22-jan-1990 in Rawalpindi.he has 4 brothers and 1 sister.

Family Background:
His father's and mother's name is Ch. Muhammed Latif and Najma Kousar respectively.His father is a retired bank manager.Umer hayat is belong to very respected family in his region.His grandparents were a landlord of his time in Jammu Kashmir in(Akhnour and in Kandiyal).His grandfather with his whole family was migrated from Jammu Kashmir in 1947 when Pakistan was revealed on the map of world.they find some good houses in Bahlolpur. which is a very beautiful house in Gujrat near Head marala.these houses are already build by hindus who were the permanent resident of bahlolpur.His grandfather (Ch.Rehmat Ullah) was a very famous person.he worked very hard to unit their family.when he was migrated from Kashmir he only had 2 childrens(6 months old son Ch.Moh'd Latif and 7 years old daughter) and his wife(Amna Bibi), Except this He had no other thing like food,cloths and anyother thing,but he fought hard with time and at the end,he won.

ChildHood Of Umer Hayat:
he was studied at Progressive Model School in Rawalpindi until matric,which is one of the best school in his area and then he admit in Government Degree College for FSC. After doing that he is now just free.and now he works on bulding a great business Empires.hopefully he do that.
Now the question arises that who is Umer hayat? the answer of this question is very simple. It's Meeeeeeeee.

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