Friday, January 25, 2008

Is Abeshik the right choice for Aishwariya.

If we look over the film industry we see that a lot of couples got marriage after doing films together.But also wew have seen that morst of them are unsuccesful and a few of them got successful so we can say that there is 50-50 chance.Why is this?No one can nswer but a single statment which takes birth in mind is the combination of two minds.Which is not possible so easily.We have seen the couple of Ajay and Kajol in Bollywod which is till now a successful marriage and really i love Kajol (Sorry to Ajay). Recently marriage of Aishwariya and Abishek.
Though its an arranged mariage but according to them its a love marriage what ever it is thatss not a problem but the problem is that Is Abishek the right choice to Aish.According to me simply NO.
Aishwariya and Abishek has done a lot of movies togehter but i don’t think that Abishek is best for Aish.Recently they have done Umrao Jan

, Dhoom II.So lets hope for the best and pray for the couple.

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